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    AMD Radeon Settings Fails to Install


      I've got an R9 280x and I'm trying to install the latest AMD drivers available. I found the package (link) and I installed it, but each time the AMD Radeon Settings fails to install. I've attached the log it outputs, along with some screenshots. I read in another thread here (which appears unresolved from May) to check the event viewer. I found this under the application logs:

      "Product: AMD Radeon Settings -- Internal Error 2753. installShell64.exe"

      I don't know when this started happening, it had to have been recent. But there doesn't seem to be a way for me to install the application. Are there any troubleshooting steps I can follow to resolve this?


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          First, know that I had similar problems recently, and that installing the newest drivers (16.7.3) sometimes takes some patience if you wish to have them. If they are too much trouble, I would recommend rolling back to the previous drivers, 16.7.2, and waiting for a hotfix driver to come out.


          With that said, I would make sure you have both the new GPU drivers, as well as the new chipset drivers. They are the same version, 16.7.3


          Uninstall everything AMD related from the "Programs and Features" menu in Windows, and restart. Then use the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility, found here: AMD Clean Uninstall Utility  - Then restart when prompted to do so. After these two restarts, you will have no AMD software on your computer, or at least you shouldn't. You can verify this by going to C:, and looking for the "AMD" folder. If it is gone, and you see nothing in your "Programs and Features" menu in Windows, then you have successfully uninstalled all AMD drivers.


          If this is the case, start by trying to install the new GPU drivers, 16.7.3, and then restarting. Then install the new chipset drivers of the same version number, and restart after it tells you to as well. If this doesn't work, or you run into an error and still want the new drivers, repeat the uninstall steps I said above and try to install them again after your system is clear of AMD software.


          If you decide that you don't want to use the 16.7.3 drivers because of any issues, roll back to the 16.7.2 GPU drivers, and if needed a previous version of the chipset drivers, and stay on that until a hotfix driver comes out. AMD is aware of issues with the new driver release, they have to be, and are surely working on a fix as we speak.


          Report any issues to AMD in detail at the Issue Reporting Form, found here: AMD Issue Reporting Form


          Best of luck to you!

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