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How to fix AMD Radeon 6620G Driver Issue - Blown out Images

Question asked by sixtos on Jul 31, 2016
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Recently I bought a used Pavilion DV6 BeatsAudio Laptop that had been upgraded to Windows 10.  Unfortunately, ever since I've had it, my screen images in any program, including online, are blown out.  Faces are all white and bright.  I'm a photographer, so its very hard to edit anything.  I read online, that there are many that are having driver problems.  I read that you can uninstall driver or go back to an older version.  I did this, and whalla, it worked!  My screen was fine again, but within 1/2 hr, the driver is reinstalled automatically and back to my original problem.  The driver I'm using is 15.201.1151.0 .   I can no longer go back to previous driver, because it's greyed out now.  But my temporary fix is to continuously delete/uninstall driver do some work and when it reinstalls automatically, I will uninstall again.  I do this several times a day.  Is there anything I can do??  By the way,  I'm not a gamer, not that, that matters.  I primarily use my computer for Photography.