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Heroes of The Storm FPS Problem

Question asked by luisgd on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by abi

Hello fellas,


Well, im having huge issues playing this game. I've made a lot of threads on their support forums but none here, so i will give it a shot. Im using a HD 7800 with updated driver. I've managed to play this game just fine untill like 3 months ago. Now i cant play the game because i get some huge fps drops randomly when im playing! Im playing with, say, 70 FPS and it goes down to 1 or 3 for a few seconds and comes back normal and then it happens again and so on...


Never had this kind of issue and i tried a lot of solutions blizzard gave me, some of them worked for some time but the problem always comes back. Oddly, it was fine once again until i updated my driver. Then i realized whenever i update my driver i get some kind of problem.


I dont know what to do anymore, except stop using AMD products since they usually give me trouble.