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    Heroes of The Storm FPS Problem


      Hello fellas,


      Well, im having huge issues playing this game. I've made a lot of threads on their support forums but none here, so i will give it a shot. Im using a HD 7800 with updated driver. I've managed to play this game just fine untill like 3 months ago. Now i cant play the game because i get some huge fps drops randomly when im playing! Im playing with, say, 70 FPS and it goes down to 1 or 3 for a few seconds and comes back normal and then it happens again and so on...


      Never had this kind of issue and i tried a lot of solutions blizzard gave me, some of them worked for some time but the problem always comes back. Oddly, it was fine once again until i updated my driver. Then i realized whenever i update my driver i get some kind of problem.


      I dont know what to do anymore, except stop using AMD products since they usually give me trouble.