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16.300.2201-July-7-WHQL Mantle & GCN1.3 [Battlefield Hardline]

Question asked by fujiyama-95 on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by max0x7ba

EDIT : The Stuttering that everybody with an R9 380 or GCN1.3 cards prob won't get solved. AMD doesn't even acknowledge the issue in their patch notes, always bringing up just the crashing. Let alone their false advertisement campaign and shamelessly advertised an API as Battle-Ready with Hardline and doesn't even work. So sad, guess RIP Mantle. The team obviously doesn't care about it.  Sure they will fix the crashing that happens with Mantle for their already battle-ready cards but not us GCN1,3 guys.. we will still have the stuttering...Just goes to show what kind of company AMD is.... I'd rather buy from them too that's the sad part instead of NVIDIA..

Hi after using 16.300.2201-July-7-WHQL Mantle driver, in Battlefield Hardline the performance for FPS is insanely good but it crashes. Please fix i am using an R9 380. so whatever you guys are doing in the latest driver is awesome for mantle but like many many others have been saying for the past year, it crashes !!!!