Driver Version 16.7.3 - Shadow Mapping in OpenGL is Broken

Discussion created by ruxify on Jul 30, 2016

I have an XFX R9 390 graphics card and after updating my video drivers to version 16.30 and 16.7.3, I've been having issues with shadow mapping in OpenGL.
I am forced to revert to 16.15 in order to get shadows working correctly.


To render shadow maps, I attach a specific depth map to a frame buffer and render only to that depth buffer which is then used in the main drawing shader to render shadows to the scene; pretty standard.


As you can see below, every pixel that is being tested with the light's depth map is reporting that it is in shadow for some strange reason.


I'm not the most experienced developer with OpenGL, so if there's any other information needed, I'll try my best to get it.