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Why does FreeSync only work in the Windmill Demo?

Question asked by warrengbrn on Jul 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2016 by derekgcwhite

I am using an LG 34UM68-P monitor tested with both an r9 290 and an rx 480. I have free sync enabled and I cannot tell it making a difference in any game besides the AMD windmill demo. When I play any other game I get tearing as if free sync is not activated, but in the demo I can clearly see the difference free sync makes. Tearing is gone and there's no sync stuttering. I am honestly beyond confused and many people on the internet have sent me through the same steps to try and fix the issue but nothing has worked.


I am using an RX 480 with the driver 16.7.2 with free sync enabled in the radeon settings along with a free sync monitor that has free sync enabled in the monitor's settings.

I am using a display port cable.

I am playing in fullscreen.



I am meeting EVERY requirement to get free sync working but it will ONLY work in the windmill demo. I have reinstalled drivers with DDU, I have tried this on TWO different systems and the same thing happens. Free sync works only in the windmill demo.


Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Could my monitor literally be defective at this point? I have tried limiting my framerate below the monitor's refresh rate of 75z. I have enabled v-sync alongside free sync, but.. Free sync can't possibly require v-sync to work properly. I can clearly see it working in the windmill demo with no tearing or stuttering.


Pls help