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    Another driver with issues not in notes and no fixes.


      Every time a driver is released known issues well documented are not in the driver notes.


      Freesync and crossfire together cause the core clocks to down clock.

      Crossfire disabled causes the core clocks to downclock with or without freesync.


      dx9 is still broken. Crossfire does not seem to disable properly causing stuttering and usage on one card to appear to spike up and down from 0 to 100. All dx9 games have issues on the r9 295x2. On win 10


      windows 10 has now been out a year and there is still not one fully working driver for the r9 295x2.


      these downclocking issues are in every driver for win 10. Dx 9 issues are there in every driver.


      non of these issues were there in win 7,8 and 8.1


      my old gtx 680 also works fine in win 10 with dx9. Same hardware.


      why are these known issues not in any of the notes when they have been reported many times?


      whem is there going to be a working driver for the r9 295x2 ?