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    ALF Build



      This is a build Alf and I made. It is made up of a few different PC's I had laying around. Pretty nice and clean rig. If only we can keep Alf's hair out of the fans.





      CPUIntel Pentium G3258 @4.2
      MotherboardMSI Gaming 3 Z97
      Memory16GB AMD Radeon Gaming memory @ 2400mhz CL 10
      GraphicsHIS Radeon R9 280
      Disc Drive 1
      Disc Drive 2
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUFractal Design Telsa 650 watt
      CaseCOUGAR Solution Mid Tower
      MonitorLG 50" LCD TV 1080P
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          Looks great, Carl! I love that you built it out of parts that you just had laying around. Though, I wish you would have had an AMD CPU laying around!
          Really clean setup too, which is so nice. I love seeing comps that have good cable management.


          Sticking Alf there just warms my heart. Haven't seen him in a long time. lol

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              Yeah its one of the few toys I still have from childhood. I loved that show. Yeah I have gotten a mixture of Intel and AMD cpus throughout the house. Also have a el cheapo HTPC with an Athlon II X2. Nothing pretty but maybe will put it up here too. It was pretty cheap to make and works great with kodi etc. I even have been holding on to so medium old stuff like a few Athlon and Sempron single core. I feel like I'm on of those youtube guys build things but with the income for a few gens back. Older stuff still interests me. Love pitting the old athlons against Pentium 4's and watch the AMDs rock it.