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390x Crashing during driver installation

Question asked by koz4christ on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by koz4christ


16GB Ram

1k Watt PSU

MSI Radeon 390x

ASRock Z77 extreme4

Elgato HD60 Pro


Over the last few weeks my computer's display would randomly crash while playing games/capturing and rendering.  Then when I updated to 16.7.2 my computer would not start normally at all.  I've managed to start in safe mode and uninstall all drivers and the computer would run (given the resolution is HUGE).


I tried rolling back to 16.6.2 and that worked for a bit but I still would get random crashes.  Now that version won't even install.  When I go to install they get to about 2% and then the display turns off and nothing happens (monitor gets nothing, it flips back to "no input detected")


I've tried:




15.11 (got to 16% before the display turned off)



Removing my capture card

Reseating my video card


I checked my event log and there is no errors.  I checked for overheating or running out of power.  I'm beginning to think that my card just died and I need to RMA it.  I don't think I've had it for 2 months even.


Any thoughts?