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280x Win10x64, sleep mode, crossfire - terrible

Question asked by marcoo624 on Jul 29, 2016

Are there any resolutions to the following symptoms? Note: on the latest driver release as of today 16.7.3


1) installing the driver is a pain - AMD settings fail and seems to work okay if you run the branding 64 bit .MSI file manually from the extracted path.

2) Under crossfire sleep mode doesn't work right - takes a long time to wake up. Single card everything is fine.

3) Counter strike is suddenly broken, top borders scroll

4) In the previous driver crossfire performance was total garbage, was working better with a single card but cant try with the latest drivers due to 3)


I'm very frustrated in the amount of time that I have been spending trying to get this stuff to work. Seems the problems arose since the move to "crimson". Am I the only one here with these problems? Seems like the only solution is to sell a card since it is practically useless - which is nonsense.