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    Random FPS drops/Stutters in Battlefield 4 on R9 390. (Low GPU Usage)


      Ok this has been going on for a few months now and i have reported it to the driver team 3 or 4 times by now but still it hasn't been fixed. My GPU Usage will just fluctuate all over the place and while i understand it's meant to fluctuate between 90-100% but mine is dropping to 0% into the 10-30% back up to 100% constantly which then causes my game to lag and/or stutter. I have tried using DDU to clean the Drivers off my System as well and reinstalling Windows 10 but the issue still Occurs. I will leave my System Specs below as well as screenshot of MSI Afterburner that shows the GPU Usage and FPS dropping. (Unified GPU Usage Monitoring is enabled also)


      -PC Specifications-

      *CPU = Intel Core I5 4670K @ 4.3Ghz

      *CPU Cooler = CoolerMaster 212 Evo

      *GPU = MSI R9 390 8GB OC'D to 1100Mhz Core and 1600Mhz Memory

      *RAM = 16GB 1866Mhz DDR3 (4 x 4GB)

      *Motherboard = MSI Z87 G43 Gaming Edition

      *PSU = EVGA 1000GQ 1000W