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    Frequent cursor corruption in Win10


      Pretty much every day at least once I am seeing the cursor degrade into a graphical glitchy mess that makes it very difficult to know what I am clicking on.


      Rebooting is the only thing that fixes it temporarily.


      I've already tried completely purging the display drivers and reinstalling but that didn't help. I've also tried running `sfc /scannow` several times which arguably never does anything useful.



      • Win 10 Pro x64 (latest updates - not like users have a choice anymore)
      • ASUS Strix R9 390x 8GB (also running latest WHQL Radeon Crimson drivers (non-beta))


      Updated with pictures (these are two screenshots on the Windows 10 desktop):



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          Thanks for the post, we're investigating reports of mouse cursor corruption. As a temporary solution adding mouse trails may fix the corruption until we address it in a future driver.

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              Yeah I noticed that enabling trails helped but it's honestly a worse trade-off for me. Good to know it's being looked at.


              Is there any quick-fix that doesn't force me to reboot? Even just temporarily it would be nice to know there's something I could do.

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                I'm surprised it took me this long to figure it out but I have 2 monitors being mirrored on my R9 390x and they are in separate rooms. The second monitor is hooked up to a 40ft HDMI cable and seemingly is the only place where I see the issue. The mouse icon is intact on the primary, closer monitor.


                So far this is the only weird thing that has happened with the 40ft HDMI cable and it ought to be a fairly good quality one.

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                  I updated the post with pictures showing the corruption.

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                    Hello together,

                    same Issue for me with the Mouse Cursor.



                    AMD FX 8150

                    8 GB RAM (Sniper)

                    LG 3D TV via HDMI (secondary) 1080P

                    + VGA Display (primary) 1080P

                    Display Configuration: Clone

                    Sapphire Radeon R9 380 OC Nitro (4GB)

                    Windows 10 64-Bit

                    Mainboard: M5A78L LE


                    - enabling Mouse trails fixes the bug in normal Windows Sessions

                    Installed new Drivers yesterday after Update notification of the Catalyst (or how you call it these days), before I had an older Driver installed maybe 15.7 unsure. Yesterday everything was fine and I played Watch Dogs 1, today I just turned on my System and had the mouse glitch, I believe to have turned on the seconday Display (LG 3D TV) when Display 1 showed up Windows 10 Login Screen. So may I turned my second screen on to late for the driver to get it done?


                    My cursor is looking exactly the same way as you can see on the pictures of the Thread Starter.

                    Update: Did a reboot and Mouse Glitch issue is gone, so I feel it's  somehow all about timing (at which point I turn on my LG 3D TV ). VGA Display is mostly always on, but not the 3D TV via HDMI


                    Also I experienced yesterday after the Driver Update the following: Started Watchdogs while both screens where active, also had no Mouse symbol glitch, then while the game was launching I turned off the VGA display to save power. Then I faced strange blackouts (black screen, flashing) on my TV for the very first time. Then I turned on my VGA Display and there it didn't occur while the TV still had the issues. Stopped the game started it again and leaved both screens active, issue was gone.

                    It seems now I remember why I didn't update the Display drivers all the time...


                    I also can't use Power DVD 11 anymore to send a Megaframe to my TV for 3D Movies. So now I have a Dual Boot System and Windows 7 on another Harddisk just with Power DVD 11 and an older Graphic Card Driver which works fine for 3D Movies via HDMI 1.4a. Don't know if this is related to the Mouse Glitch Bug.

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                        After I've installed the latest driver today and also installed PowerDVD 12 on Win10 before, I need to report that I now can play 3D Movies on Win10 again.


                        But it was a bit tricky to find out, why the scaling for my TV which I did set to 4% was lost when entering full screen in PowerDVD since this seems to be required in order to play 3D movies. PowerDVD did set the Frequency to 24p and there was no chance to set the correct scaling since when I opened up the Control Panel it went back to 60 Hz. So after setting the TV to 24p in Windows I was able to set the scaling correctly and then it worked out after I switched from cloned screens to extended. But in the past I didn't need to do that. Clone was working fine, the video window on the VGA Screen was just black and on the real TV it was 3D. But this doesn't work anymore, so everytime I want to play 3D movies I need to switch to Extended otherwise PowerDVD 12 won't recognize the 3D TV. Maybe you should set the scaling to be global? Otherwise Users get confused until they recognize they have to set it for each frequenzy NOR ??resolution?? and need to switch the frequenzy in Windows in order to get access to this setting. That's a bad User experience that must'nt be. Thanks so far, glad to be able to play 3D Movies in Windows 10 again.


                        I did not get the Mouse Cursor Issue again yet. But I didn't test for it, maybe just luck or you fixed it.

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                      Same issue for me, corrupted mouse cursor. 

                      Have two monitors, one hooked up by HDMI (where the cursor appears corrupted) and one connected by VGA to VGA to Display port converter.

                      Windows 10 x64 Pro.

                      RX 480

                      Driver downloaded: https://www2.ati.com/drivers/beta/non-whql-win10-64bit-radeon-software-crimson-16.8.2-rc4-aug11.exe

                      Enabling cursor trail resolves outside of games but in some games the cursor disappears now. 

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                        I provided AMD with so much information on this issue and not only did they not listen, they lied to me.


                        Please look at this thread regarding mouse cursor corruption.


                        AMD Fury X with The Settlers 3


                        Told you AMD you should have fixed this issue I said this WILL cause other problems.


                        But no you never listen.

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                          From the research I've done, this has been a problem for years with AMD cards, which is why I am RMAing my 480.



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                            I have the same issue as enigma0, in fact, my mouse corruption looks identical to his pictures but my system config and circumstances are a bit different, and of course, I am also looking for a solution and so far haven't found one yet.


                            My GPU is an XFX RX 480 with 8 gigs, driver is Crimson 16.8.3 and only a single monitor, Asus PB277Q (1440p) connected via DP cable.


                            My system was running good, but then the mouse got corrupted once I installed some old stuff to run old games. Mainly some old versions of VC Redistributable, DX 9, DX 10, and DotNET 3.5. Which I needed to run some mods on my heavily modded Skyrim. I reinstalled their current versions on top, but to no avail, its still corrupted. And just like him, all I can do to get rid of it is reboot the computer.


                            Also, the little wheel around mouse cursor when something is active, turned into an hourglass back from the days of windows 98 and XP in addition to that corruption. I have no idea how to revert these changes.

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                              Exactly, I am having the same problem. AMD really need to fix this problem soon

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                                Originally, mine started coming up after I reinstalled some old VC Redist packages and old DX for my older titles and I thought that might have been linked together, but now I can confirm it is not.


                                I am currently on clean install, complete drive wipe, of Win 10 1607 with all the drivers and everything up to date, and I got this corruption again. There were no games or anything present when it came back, just the OS, and drivers and Malwarebytes. I have seen people reporting this with dual monitors where this happens on only 1 of their monitors, but I run only a single monitor, no other displays.


                                So its definitely the drivers, hardware, or the OS, or the combination / interaction between those.

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                                  They don't care guys. They just make excuse after excuse.


                                  Look at the attitude. Its a joke.

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                                    Hello All,


                                    I've enabled mouse trail, let's see how that works out... As an additional notice, reboot is not necessary, sleep mode switching back fixes the problem too. Interestingly, if I have a second screen, the mouse is not buggy on the other one.


                                    radeon rx 480 card here, some scaling enabled on windows.




                                    UPDATE: a few days ago I refreshed the video card driver as well as enabled minimal cursor trail. Not sure which the actual solution was, but I haven't encountered the bug ever since.