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    Driver Installation/ PC Freeze on "Analyzing System"



      I am Attempting to update my driver from 16.7.2 to 16.7.3, This is a new RX480 and the first driver was the 16.7.2.

      Upon downloading and installing the software, it attempts to Analyze the system, which is when the computer seizes up. No HDD sound, no activity or mouse input or keyboard response. It forces me to restart the system to try again.


      I've tried a number of methods including a clean removal of 16.7.2, which Also Freezes the pc.

      Still the driver freezes the PC on "Analyzing system"


      My Specs:


      ASrock Extreme4 Motherboard

      Intel i7 6700K

      Windows 10 x64 Operating System, Latest update.

      PSU: Corsair CX750M

      Ram: 2x8gb Corsair Vengeance @2400Hz


      Running at 1080p on a Freesync supported Monitor.



      EDIT, This happened when I used Safe mod to attempt an install. (see attached image)