Florida men sue Microsoft over "coerced" upgrade to Windows 10

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Florida men sue Microsoft over 'coerced' upgrades to Windows 10 | Computerworld


Three Florida men have filed a lawsuit in a Florida federal court against Microsoft, charging that the company "coerced" them into upgrading to Windows 10 and that the "unintentional" upgrades damaged their PCs, resulting in lost time and money.


The three -- Al Khafaji, Ahmad Abdulreda and Robert Stahl -- were the first to sue Microsoft at the federal level for running a campaign to get Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to accept the free upgrade to Windows 10. That offer expires Friday.


"Microsoft engaged in a reckless and negligent premise with catastrophic consequences for some of Defendant's customers whose devices were rendered useless and incapable of normal recovery operations," the complaint stated. "Plaintiffs were coerced into adopting Windows 10 or had Windows 10 installed in various unintentional manners with subsequent damage to their computers after which Plaintiffs sustained unnecessary and avoidable stress, confusion, loss of time and significant monetary damage all at the hands of Defendant."


The lawsuit asked for class-action status, which would make it easy for others to join the case, and if successful, share in any awarded damages.



Now before you think of this as a "hot coffee lawsuit" remember that Microsoft DID agree to pay $10,000 to the California business owner over Windows 10 and the problems it caused, Microsoft declined to appeal, and did not state they were innocent but decided to settle, so there is president set. Granted she won because of a California law, but it can still be used as evidence as they basically admitted their guilt by not appealing.