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    AHCI Driver update problem


      I just bought an ssd Evo 850 250g but it isn't fast as it should be , before when i use the magician 4.97 it give me for Sequential Read 3513 write 2894 - random 83291 -write 60933 , but when i update the latest amd AHCI drive from the website, the reading went way low this time Sequential Read 1955 write 2535, random 61656-44593 !! so is there any way to fix it back again ?







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          AMD SATA performance is horrid. You can rollback the driver in device manager or switch to MSAHCI. I have the faster 1TB version and even my numbers are well below what it is known to be able to do, only hitting near my old Vertex 460.




          Update: New benchmark, same low performance, just so you can see it isn't because of the age of the benchmarks. Have since enabled RAPID mode,  hence the jump in sequential performance.


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