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AMD 290X constant crash

Question asked by nothanks on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by nothanks

Hello all,


So I'm having a really annoying issue with my AMD radeon 290X that started out of the blue a few months back.

When I first installed the card, I had no issue playing any kind of games (GTAV, Elite Dangerous, Total War, ...). But since recently, whenever a game is remotely GPU-intensive it'll crash after 20-30min of playing, even though I always have 60+ constant FPS and a GPU temp around 70° or below. The issue is always the same, the game just stops working and crashes at random even though I wasn't having any FPS drops. I have no idea why this is happening, I left my PC untouched since I installed the card as I wasn't able to use too much until recently.


This issue has been reported over the internet already, I tried many things that were proposed in some forums, but nothing ever worked. My current set up for limiting crashes is underclocking the core and memory clock of my GPU by a few 100 MHz, tweaking my fan setup so that the card is always around 70°C or below, forcing constant voltage and disabling ULPS (all of this is done with afterburner). This somewhat works, sometimes, when the planets are aligned, but the games I'm playing will always crash eventually. All that does is, sometimes, reducing the time the game takes to crash.


So well, I'm really helpless and I lost so much hair because of this. If any of you know anything on this issue please let me know.


TL;DR: Regular crashes of any GPU-intensive game I play after 20-30min, even though GPU is doing totally fine.





All drivers up to date

OS: Windows 7

RAM: 8Gb

Memory: HDD 7200RPM

Power supply: Corsair CX750 (750W)


CPU: (i5 3570K 8Gb)




GPU: (AMD Radeon 290X)