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Radeon HD 7340 Driver

Question asked by mfuller87 on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by eversor

What's the deal with this driver on Windows 10? Has any progress been made on fixing all of the issues playing video? It's been one year since Windows 10 came out, and I still can't watch most videos without massive choppiness, freezing, and glitching on pretty much all browsers. Edge is the only one that I can use to watch stuff like HBO Now, but even then, it struggles at times and isn't guaranteed to work on other sites. I can't watch any video really on Firefox or Chrome because it's so bad. Sometimes videos won't even load. I have to use multiple browsers to do different things. It's ridiculous. I'm seriously on my last nerve here. I feel like I'm going to totally lose it one of these times and bash my computer to pieces with a baseball bat. My computer is also one of the ones where the Catalyst thing won't work, so I can only get driver updates through Windows update, leaving me unable to try the Beta version that came out back in March. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?