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Lots of lag when it used to be fine

Question asked by trucksimz on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by amdmatt

Hi guys, i'm new here, and I'd like help


I have been having problems with games on a recent installation of Windows 7 Professional x64 on my HP Pavilion G6 2240sa (View Specs Here HP Pavilion g6-2240sa Notebook PC Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support ) I have installed all the correct drivers (From Here… ) and i have installed some light games specifically Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Garry's Mod and Minecraft hoping to play them in my downtime on my upcoming holiday to France on August Second. All of these games ran rather well on my previous installation of Windows 8, the original HP Installation. But now, I get 8 FPS playing Minecraft with Optifine installed, on 2 render distance! I used to get 25 - 40 FPS before!


AMD Gaming Evolved says I have the latest drivers installed, and I sit around 70 degrees Celsius which is what I was experiencing before. The laptop is running very, very well on Windows 7, even better than it did with Windows 8.