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Audio and ?Display Drivers? wont install ?

Question asked by winchester638 on Jul 29, 2016
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recently I wanted to update the Crimson Drivers for my R9 280x , though for some reason, that wasnt possible. So i decided to reinstall the drivers instead.

The problem is now that, whenever I try to install the drivers, after the installation is completed, it says that neither the adio drivers, nor the display drivers (literal translation from german, dont know how its called in english) could be installed. AMD settings wont even open.

The same happens when i try to install Catalyst Drivers, thought at least CCC opens up aftewards, i guess thats something..


I already tried to reinstall the drivers multiple times, used every driver cleaner i could find, but still, no effect, those drivers wont install.

Funny thing, that even though it doesnt install the HDMI audio drivers, the sound works.


I would appreciate it if you could help me


(sorry for the mistakes, but Im not a native english speaker, hope you could understand most of it anyway )