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vram clock stuck at 243mhz

Question asked by tweakforce_lg on Jul 29, 2016

Hey guys, sticky situation.

Recently out of nowhere my VRAM clock on my 7470m has locked itself to a max of 243mhz. Games are reduced in performance since original VRAM clock was 900mhz. Core clock is still running at rated speed though.

Here are some afterburner situations:
Afterburner VRAM clock: 900mhz  ----> GPUZ reports VRAM clock: 243mhz

Afterburner VRAM OC: 1000mhz ------> GPUZ reports VRAM clock:270mhz

Afterburner VRAM underclock: 450mhz ---> GPUZ reports VRAM clock: 243mhz

Afterburner VRAM underclock: 450mhz AND Core underclock: 350mhz -----> GPUZ reports 399mhz core and 175-199mhz VRAM


It seems offset or something, but the performance drop has confirmed it must be at 243mhz.
Here is someone with a similar issue: Low memory clock even when overclocked

Here is a post I made on another forum describing my issue: Vram stuck at 243mhz

This cripples my laptops performance, I was going to sell the laptop in a few days but cannot due to this, it literally makes the laptop worth stuff all and probs counts as a hardware error even though I'm not sure if it is. I have tried reinstalling drivers and even swapping in a HDD with win 10 that hasn't been used in the laptop since before the issue happened, it also read at 243mhz. Bios reset didn't do anything, should I try reflash BIOS
Please help me ;-;