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AMD Radeon DH 7500 -  I have just bought Dell P2416 quad monitor (2560x1440) but no display port in my graphics card and the hdmi lead only gives me 2048  x 1152 - the only other port in my pc is dvi  -  is  there any way i can get  the full resolution -

Question asked by lesleybrady on Jul 28, 2016
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I have just bought a new 24" 2560 x 1440 monitor from dell (P2416) -I have a dell pc -the monitor only comes with a display port lead and I do not have a display port, they said the hdmi will give the full resolution but I dont think the DH 7500 gives the full resolution with hdmi only dp and I dont have a dp port.  Dell told me it was compatible with my dellpc/ AMD Radeon DH 7500 graphics card (the driver is up to date) I have only two ports for the graphics on my pc - dvi and hdmi - the  hdmi connection only gives me 2048 x 1152  - is there any way i can get the full resolution --Dell say buy a convertor it will only cost a few pounds,  but I cannot find one  Please help