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    thread stuck in device driver atikmdag.sys RX 480 also in Crossfire


      Hello all,


      first of all I like to share my speccs:


      Windows 10

      Intel i7 6700K

      ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Intel Z170

      16GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-3466 DIMM CL16 Quad Kit

      PSU: PURE POWER 9 | 700W CM be quiet


      I installed two RX 480 retail from Sapphire = Crossfire


      What happened:

      I switched from an 3570K to the i7 with a new board etc.. I didn't make a new install of

      Windows 10. Everything worked good, approx. 3 days. After the 3 days windows told me,

      that I need to reactivate it, because of the hardware change. Okay sure, no problem, I know

      the reasons for that.


      I use the upgrade of Windows 10, FYI.


      The next step was to install windows 8. I didn't installed any drivers and upgraded to windwos 10.


      After a while I receive the above mentioned blue screen. It is fully random. Under load I didn't have

      any Problems. I did an 3D Mark Fire Strike Stress test, result = 99.5 -> it just fine. I only get this

      blue screen in windows (desktop).


      So what I made until now =

      - Run one GPU -> same problems

      - Updated BIOS

      - Swtiched to windows 8.1 with all updates and current drivers

      - Switched to windows 10 again with updates and current drivers

      - Used the driver: 16.7.2

      - Used the driver: 16.7.1 - when I changed the drive I made a clean uninstall (DDU)

      - Updated Direct X SDK

      - I don't use any overclocking


      I would say, the driver is the problem and I need to wait.


      Or can somebody give me some hints?


      Frustrating! After this, I wish me a GTX 1070 :-(. I switched from a GTX970

      in order to give AMD a chance again, I still hope it was a good idea .