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RX480-8G Artifacts Massively in Second Life

Question asked by uzpcustoms on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2017 by linuxcat

Under Stock GPU/Memory Clocking, with only a more aggressive Fan Profile, within the Metaverse game called Second Life by Linden Lab, endures a weird type of "Artifacting" on the screen. This is identical to an unstable overclock on memory that causes the white and colored pixel snow across the screen. I have no issues running the same Ultra Settings on the R9 390, but the RX480 just cant pull the shader loads, even when it has more than the R9 390. AMD... What Gives? Its acting like the Memory is clocked too high, but there is no way to underclock the memory below 8000MHz, not even to 7,000MHz like the 4G model. Maybe this is a driver issue?



Below is a Screen Capture of the artifacting when utilizing the Shaders, with 2X AntiAliasing, Ambient Occlusion with Complex Shadows and Anisotropic Filtering, Advanced Lighting Model and Hardware Skinning. The pizels run at a 45 degree decline from upper left to lower right with multiple colors.