Radeon cards with GDDR5 use higher memory clock with Xsplit

Discussion created by theacclaimed on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by amdmatt

I'm currently testing the behavior of the RX 480 and other Radeon cards which use GDDR5 memory. When using Xsplit with no other application running the Memory clock runs at the 3d clock speed which is 2000Mhz for the RX 480. This results in higher idle power consumption and an idle temperature for the reference card of 54C (default fan profile 761rpm). Testing with OBS results in the lower idle clock of 300Mhz for the VRAM.


I suggest the driver team have the software drivers better determine the difference between applications which should be using the lower 2d memory clock of 300Mhz compared to the 3d memory clock. This results in unnecessary higher idle temperatures and power consumption. No reason why Steam and OBS can use the 300Mhz memory clock and Xsplit has to use 2000Mhz.


The R9 Fury/Nano series cards are immune to this problem due to the use of HBM resulting in a superior user experience (i.e. lower gpu temperature, lower power consumption).