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    Insane input lag in games where others have the same rig.



      Motherboard: MSI 970A-G46

      GPU: Msi R9 390x

      CPU: Amd FX 6300

      Psu: Thermal Take Smart 650 watt

      Storage: 2 tb SSHD





      I recently bought and installed DOOM and did research to see if my FX 6300 would prevent me from playing the game, or bottleneck my 390x, but people ended up saying it was GPU intensive and their builds with FX 6300's worked just fine at the highest settings. I have now seen this problem in many games where on startup and when the game has more to load. My input will severely lag or even not be registered at all. For example, if I press W I might have to wait more than 2 minutes for me to start moving, and when I do, I move forward until my computer decides it's time to stop, during this time I can only move my mouse. This has happened in other games on a minor scale, but never one this big for me. If anyone has any suggestions, or if I was wrong and Doom is being ruined by my old 6300 than please tell me.

      As a side note, I believe it's the cpu because me and one of my friends have almost the same exact computer build, except he has an FX 8350 and I have and FX 6300, yet he runs doom just fine. Although it's only a few steps up.

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          f" I press W I might have to wait more than 2 minutes for me to start moving"

          Ithats way too much delay to be the cpu also, on doom in single-player mode is unlikely to have cpu bottleneck like tht....You should confirm if you dont have any  background apps running that can exhaust your system. You can see your system performance on the Task Manager, for exmpl my system without nothing running uses 1%-5% cpu, 0%-2% disk... if you have a virus or "weird" apps running it will jump to 30%-40%, etc....


          If you still think that FX6300 have a problem,you can run a benchmark tool and confirm if your cpu performance is in line with other FX6300.


          I assume you already installed the latest drivers for the R9 390 and swapped on doom from OpenGL to vulkan.

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              I will do a benchmark later to test because I don't have access to my computer at the moment but I have noticed something odd.

              when my system is running with nothing in the background the cpu is about 10-20% and the disk is 0, but even if I perform a small action. opening a folder, chrome, steam e.t.c. my disk jumps to 100% for the moment it's opening (which takes about a half-second to a second) and then usually stays 100% for the next few minutes. Yet when I sorted my task manager by disk there are only two programs that take up the disk space:


              one of which I can't exactly remember because I'm not at home, but was a microsoft app and it says something about the system, which I always assumed was something every windows computer had, as it seemed like that was the program that helped write and exchange info from my sshd.


              the other is the program I am running.


              I run windows 10 and after seeing what you said texted my friend to see what took up his disk when he started doom and all that was there was the DOOM file. He runs windows 7, I will take a screenshot when I have access to my computer. Thanks to you I feel like this might be a problem with my sshd, which is also almost nearly full to 2 terrabytes if that makes a difference, so I will look into it from that perspective now.


              I run a full scan using malwarebytes every week on my computer, so I doubt it's a virus.


              I am also new to the computer scene




              I have just gotten back to my computer, the  program is called system and compressed memory.