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    Problem with video driver


      Hello people.


      1st of all im portuguese so, sry for any english error.


      I bought a laptop acer aspire es15 AMD quad-core processor a4-5000 (1.5ghz) AMD radeon hd 8330 with 512 mb graphics system memory and 8gb ddr3 memory


      Problem is that i have a driver to update. Radeon software crimson edition 16.3.2 to update and when i try to do it and after the reboot the windows simply does not work anymore so i need to use system restore!!


      I really dont know what to do and i do not have a video driver instaled for the moment.



      What should i do?

      Thank you

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          Use DDU to sweep the system of AMD drivers in safe mode, then reboot and re-install the 16.3.2 driver.

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            didnt work... im out of ideas now! i cant even get 100fps in an old game like cs 1.6

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                You will have to run DDU again but make sure it boots your system into Safe Mode first (just follow the prompts from the DDU Program).

                After DDU is done (where it removed all drivers settings and registry keys) and Windows installs the generic driver navigate over to the Acer Support website for your PC, download drivers from there and install those. They might have them broken up up into a few packages. Now this may not guarantee that you will have performance as you once did but should see better graphics performance then what you are seeing now.


                Also if the supplied Acer drivers are not compatible with Windows 10 your next option, is too launch Device Manager (you can find it from Start Menu just search for how its spelled here and it should show up for you to Launch). Once its Launched navigate down to your Display Adapters have it look at their properties and tell Windows to look for updates and install them.


                Beyond that there isn't much else I can suggest other then taking the Laptop to local shop and having them correct the software