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    AMD R9 390 MSI Graphic card


      Hi everyone I'm kinda new on this community but so far maybe you guys can help me figure out how to get better preformance on the R9 390 with Crossfire Enable.

      If that is possible.

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          That is too vague a question really, What games and what performance are you getting? Have you checked game benchmarks to see what performance that GPU combo are supposed to get?


          Not every game is going to support Crossfire.  Games that do generally have a profile included in drivers around the time the game comes out or within a few driver versions depending on how complicated it is or to work around game issues.

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              Thanks for answring (amdpete)


              Yes this is a bit vague question. The thing is when I start this game Battlefront 3 I get so low FPS like it's under or a bit over 60 frames per secound.

              Now I have a 144hz monitor 2560x1440 so when I play games it bust atlest have 100+ FPS in the game or it starts to lagg.

              I did tryed other games that do works and even get higher then 144FPS. battlefiled 3 & 4, Far cry 3 at high settings.

              Battlefront 3 is automatic on Ultra, tho even changes is on high or medium it gets very bad FPS.

              There is no mention on Low settings it would't help either enyway.

              I did Reinstall the game 3 times eatch week or mounth I forgot but nothing has worked so far.


              Other mention to reinstall driver or make a sweep clean on the graphic card.

              So I found Display Uninstaller which get om in to "offline mode windows" or  "Safe mode" as it says

              But after that nothing has ever worked.


              Out of the question (side question)

              I also wannted to know from AMD if they had plan for the R9 300 series to get better preformance or updates in the future.

              But there is no sign

              if you or anyone has eny news about this or even AMD them self could share this "Feature"