Radeon Pro SSG - Holy marriage of SSDs and GPUs

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Radeon Pro SSG release date


AMD Radeon™ Pro SSG Set to Transform Workstation PC Architecture, and to Shatter Real-Time Visual Computing Barriers


Anaheim, CALIF. — SIGGRAPH 7/25/2016

AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced it is developing a new Radeon™ Pro solution for large dataset applications, which will be available initially as a developer kit. Starting at a full terabyte of Radeon™ Solid State Graphics (SSG), this innovative Radeon Pro technology will provide more than an order of magnitude greater memory capacity compared to existing GPU memory implementations, enabling vastly higher performance. The new solution is ideal for the next wave of demanding use-case scenarios including real-time post-production of 8K video, high-resolution rendering, VR content creation, oil and gas exploration, computational engineering, medical imaging and life sciences.


During the world’s first demonstration of a Radeon Pro SSG solution, 8K raw video timeline scrubbing was accelerated from 17 frames per second to a stunning 90+ frames per second. As content creators rapidly adopt 8K resolution to future-proof their content, a 5X performance boost will improve quality of life, productivity and efficiency in the editing process.


The new Radeon Pro SSG has a pair of PCIe 3.0 M.2 slots tied into the Polaris 10 GPU, allowing the graphics chip to use them as an extra level of storage. The maximum is reportedly a full 1TB of solid state storage.


And you thought that 12GB on the Nvidia Titan X was impressive…


Right now the largest pool available on an AMD GPU is 32GB - which is still pretty good - but when a pro card is having to deal with huge datasets, or 8K video, it will quickly exhaust that capacity. Then the GPU has to go and have a long conversation with the CPU, begging resources from the system, whether that be straight DRAM or even slower local storage, and all of that takes a whole lot of extra time.


With the new technology, once the Polaris GPU runs out of the standard VRAM it then goes in search of the SSG pool, completely ignoring the CPU, which massively reduces the time it takes to go through attached storage.


And it'll only cost $10,000, which is 6.67x as much as the Radeon Pro Duo and 3.3x as much as the Firepro W9100, plus $400 for a pair of 512gb Samsung 950 PRO M.2 drives, but it's hard to argue that if you're the kind of professional which manipulates 8K video that you don't need this card. Don't think it's too hard to imagine this coming to Radeon level cards perhaps next generation with an integrated 32 or 64GB SSD for storage of unneeded textures and such, things which normally are stored in the page file or elsewhere on local storage, or even permanently stored for future use so games load lightning quick.


amdmatt sorry to say your Radeon Pro Duo is now obsolete.