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Problems with 60FPS videos on A6-4455m

Question asked by hi_narufi on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by hi_narufi

Hi there.


i'm searching how to solve the 1080@60fps video playback on my APU


My specs:


Processor: A6-4455m

Graphics: 7500G

Ram: 6GB

SSD: SX 900 Adata

System: Windows 10


When i open a video on YouTube or a video file at 1080@60fps the video cuts and get freeze and have another issues. i dont know what happen and why the machine do this. When i playing it, my cpu it's at 33%.


I prove a 1080@60fps on a 2011 core i3 laptop with mechanical HDD, and it can handle the videos with no problems. My laptop its supossed to be more powerfull, but no.


Please, if AMD read this. Give us a last update, please solve this problem.