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    Best card for minimal(null) coil whine?


      I'm very sensitive to coil whine, and I'm looking for cards with minimal coil whine. Currently, the gtx 1080 is something of a disaster for me - as evidenced in games with AMD's name on it such as: Battlefront, Alien Isolation, and other games such as World of Warcraft and even Call of Duty Ghosts. Interestingly, the Gtx 1080 produces minimal gains in my favorite game: Natural Selection 2.


      If you guys have any opinions on this matter I would love to hear it. Thanks.

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          Any card can have coil wine, but aftermarket cards with superior designs and components are less likely to have it, but even then there is variation between manufacturers and even between cards themselves. I'm very sensitive to it too and the only card which I've had since the X1950GT which hasn't whined is my Fury Nano, but do not even think about buying it until AMD slashes the price ($500 yet is blown out of the water by the ~$250 RX 480 custom editions). There are ways of insulating the coils, usually involving hot glue, but that of course kills your warranty. I'd say relocate your tower or play with the clocks and power settings, a few mhz and thousandths difference on the voltage can kill that resonance, it's the only way I was able to put up with my R9 290X.