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    Radeon R9 280x



      I have games and system crash since couple weeks. Just blank screen while games or restart. But not all, HDMI sound freeze or stuttering, I dont know whats going on with drivers, but I tried even reinstall older versions with DDU, nothing works. Last time Opera and Steam windows are blinking while scrolling. Temperatures are fine, system Event-log is clear, no malware, PSU voltages perfect. Hardwares have latest BIOS and firmwares.


      Gigabyte B85-D3H rev 2.0

      MSI R9 280x 3GB Gaming

      8 GB Ram Crucial 1600 MHz

      PSU Thermaltake Smart SE Gold 530W

      SSD GoodRam 120 GB

      Windows 10 x64 Home


      Sorry for language.


      This is what it looks like while browser Opera. Same at Steam App.

      MSI Radeon R9 280x Issue - YouTube

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          Same issue here dude, i can play games like Evolve, DCS World, War Thunder just fine but games like GTA V and Battlefield 4, they constantly crash, sometimes even freeze my entire PC with audio stutter.

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              Have the same issue here too. GTA V a can only play in safe mode because in normal mode it crashes the PC and force it to restart. BF4 and Arma 3 I can't even get in to the configurations, they crash during loading game.

              I've tried almost everything, clean install, repair registry, older drivers, install catalyst again, increase voltage in BIOS, change pci ex slots, full ant virus check etc.

              All this happens after install driver 16.7.1 and touch the " WattFman" for the first time. One I noticed is I can't check the GC voltage because none software shows it. I already check the energy cabes and everything is ok sending 12v to the card.