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    Impossible to update AMD drivers.



      AMD constantly asks me to update my drivers, but... I have tried twice now, and BOTH TIMES it crashed my whole system. I had to load it all back from an automatically generated backup. Simply, my screen goes black when trying to update them, and when I boot up the computer I don't really even have an operating system or something like that and I need to get it aaaall back from the backup.

      My experience with AMD has anyways been so horrible, that I'm never going to even touch a PC with AMD again, but I'm going to have to use this one for awhile.

      So, what do I do?


      But honestly, AMD is just the worst thing ever, why does it even exist when something like Intel and all that other stuff exists? Like seriously, my last PC had a ONE CORE, and it ran better than this AMD's QUAD CORE. And of course it was Intel. And that was CHEAP. This cost more.