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Driver issue ROCKET LEAGUE game

Question asked by kyled34 on Jul 25, 2016

Well i recently rma'd my Fury x because a display port was defective(one closest to hdmi) anyways, i had to use my old gpu, i put it back in after using ddu(display driver uninstaller version) to remove old drivers and i did and installed the hotfix drivers(Crimson Edition 16.7.2 Hotfix) for my gpu instead of the regular one and in rocket league caused wifi issues, later i uninstalled the drivers(using display driver uninstaller to test and installed the Crimson Edition 16.3.2 driver and it fixed my wifi issue...i just wanted to report this to help some people this was all using the r9 200 series drivers on windows 10 64 bit drivers...THANKS HOPE THIS HELPED AND HOPE AMD WILL FIX!@


OS:windows 10 64 bit

GPU:r9 280

CPU:i7 6700k

mobo:Gigabyte gaming 7 z170x