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Can UVD6 fully decode at hardware level video files encoded in H.265/HEVC with 10-bit color depth? 

Question asked by hujan86 on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by amdpete

Can or not version 6.0 of Unified Video Decoder in Polaris 11/10 GPUs accelerate at hardware level the playback of video files encoded in H.265/HEVC with 10-bit color depth? I have no doubt UVD6 can fully decode H265 videos encoded using the Main profile (standard 8-bit color depth). What I really want is confirmation whether or not Main10/12 Profiles are supported by UVD6. Using MPC-HC (Media Player Classic-Home Cinema), it's very easy to detect whether a video file is being played in hardware or software mode. 

AMD should release technical documentation detailing UVD6.0 and its HEVC support to the public. Don't just focus on VR. There are customers who based their purchase or upgrade to a new graphic card on video decoding support apart from gaming performance.