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Windows 7 complete install and lost my network adapters/drivers?

Question asked by alock on Jul 25, 2016

I'm helping the cleaning the lady get her kids computer working for school.  There's a number of reasons why we are at where we are at on the process so i won't go through it all, but i am finally at the point of having Windows working just needing to install Microsoft Office....sure enough i couldn't get internet connectivity - not wireless or hard connected to the modem.  I don't see any devices in my network settings so am fairly sure that I lost all of my drivers during the complete overhaul and reinstall of Windows 7 (64 bit).  In my computer settings my processor says AMD E-300 APU so I've tried downloading the minimum install pack from AMD's website, moving to a thumb drive and bringing to the offline luck, when you run the executable driver install file it must point back to the internet because it won't complete.  Has anyone encountered this issue with a complete Windows reinstall and if so...please let me know how you fixed it...I've already invested hours in fixing this machine and am about as far as i can take it.  Thanks!