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Crimson fan control

Question asked by john_mcloven on Jul 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by brucer

Hi, I have a Asus R9 290X ( ).


I'm on win 10 x64, have latest driver and MSI afterburner. When I play witcher 3, I notice my gpu temp can go up to 94C in some places, while crimson only set the fan to spin at 71%. I was not able to find out the fan speed profile within crimson, but it seems too high temp for not maxed fan spd. I am able to turn on manual fan control in crimson to force 100% fan spd, however it doesn't lower the temp by that much, so to protect my card I had to lower gpu pwr and clk spd in crimson.


My question is, Is this working as intended that gpu fan doesn't spin up to 100% when its temp reachs 94C? If it is then at what temp does the fan spin to 100%?