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Are multiple FirePro cards (2) 2460 (1) w4100 compatible?

Question asked by tychobrahe16 on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by fsadough

I've got a setup that uses 10 monitors.  When we were on windows 7, we'd have a hodge podge of different FirePro cards, and the machines were quite stable.  We upgraded to windows 10 and now we are having some issues using multiple different cards in our machines.

One machine in question is using two 2460 cards and 1 w4100 card.  Well at least it was, up until 7/21 (4 days ago from this post).  When we booted the machine that morning, 9 of 10 screens were blank, and the one that wasn't blank showed "0 0" near the center of the screen.

I popped out the w4100 card, and the machine booted fine, but we were only able to push 8 monitors instead of 10.  I tried different combinations of cards:


w4100 by itself - machine boots and 2 monitors work, this is due to only having passive dvi-mini DP adapters, i ordered some active adapters so that we can push 4 monitors with the w4100

2460 by itself - machine boots and 4 monitors work

two 2460s - machine boots and 8 monitors work

w4100 & 2460 w/ w4100 in the 1st slot - machine will boot, showing 2 monitors.  Looking at Device Manager says that there aren't enough resources for Windows to use the 2460

2460 & w4100 w/ 2460 in the 1st slot - machine won't boot, stuck with "0 0" on one of the monitors


There seems to be some issue with having a w4100 and a 2460 in the machine at the same time.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?




Intel dx58so2 motherboard

Intel i7 processor

12gb ram