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    Rx 480 activity 100 to 0%


      Hello! sorry for my english im french.

      I have good fps on many of games when the activity is at 85-100% like in the witcher 3 ultra 60 fps, dirt rally ultra 60 fps+ etc. In this game the activity is always at 85%+

      My problem is in GTA5 and in Fallout4. The activity drop to 0% every 3 second. and my fps is at 30-40 fps My 960 gtx perform better than that and i think its not normal.

      The card is not overclocked and the temps of my cpu is at 42 celcius and my gpu at 75 celcius.

      Compatibility mode is On (I tried off too)

      Power effiency (off) in crimson

      My driver is the crimson 16.7.3. I do a fresh install and removed the nvidia driver with DDU

      I tested many thing and i cant play fallout or gta at decend fps.

      Is it normal the gpu drop to 0% every 3 second? maybe the card is broken?

      Here my Spec:

      Fx8150 OC 4.7ghz

      Rx 480 MSI

      Sabertooth 990fx r2.0

      EVGA 850 wattGold

      16GB kingston ddr3

      2 SSD Kingston

      Windows 10 64 bits