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Hello community, I'm garry, pleased to meet all of you. I have a problem with new motherboard bios not reading the make or model of the chip

Question asked by gazza2 on Jul 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by amdmatt

I have just bought a secondhand chip from a computer shop together with a brand new AM3 ASUS motherboard and had it fitted with the cooler fan to the motherboard, but now it is up and running the bios can not read the model of the chip it says "AMD proccessor of unknown type  803mhz". The chip is supposed to be a Phenom 11 x6 1100t and if I remember correctly thje board is ASUS m4A78. The man at the shop thinks it is running about right but I'm not so sure although he has never let me down before. My question is this Do the X6 phenom 11 chips have a specific motherboard chipset they need to go into? I have fitted two 4g 1333mhz ram sticks and in windows it does show in device manager that there is a 6 core chip present. I don't want to take the fan off to have a look if I can help it. I think this bios being unable to read the model or type of chip is very odd. I am a novice so if anybody can help I will  be very grateful. I have a gut feeling that this is the wrong board as I originally was going to fit a phenom11 545 dual core chip until the shop said that he had a 6 core phenom 11 coming and that it is the top the range one. I still have the dual core phenom 11 if it is the wrong board for the 6 core I also have a newish A8 processor with fm2a55 gigabyte board which I was really hoping this x6 chip was going to be a big improvement.

Anyway whoever and where ever you are sincerely thank you.