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RX 480 black screen/driver issues

Question asked by plebtheturtle on Jul 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by plebtheturtle

Hi everybody!

So, I recently bought a RX 480 for an HTPC. However, when I tried to install the latest drivers, they wouldn't install through crimson. So then, I checked device manager and found that it was using a basic adaptor, and would explain why it would only output 720p. It showed that an unknown device in the pcie slot. From there I updated all of the drivers for everything else in the PC, like bios, sound, etc. It still didn't find the card, so then I disabled the iGPU and still no dice. From there, I tried to use a driver disk that someone ripped and put online, and nothing. So: when using the auto installer/driver installer it would sometimes only give me the hdmi/sound drivers, other times the latest 16.6.X one. So then, I force installed the driver via device manager and disabling windows auto installing drivers. The PC rebooted, then black screened. It will show the MSI logo, then the fan on the GPU will  go to 100% then drop down to idle. I can get into the BIOS, and in the process of installing another copy of windows.

Things I know: not the bios, resetting the cmos didn't do anything, and there are no faulty components.

PC Specs

CPU: i5 6500


GPU:RX 480 diamond

SSD: Adata SP 500 (?)

PSU: SF 600 (corsair)