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Gtx XFX 480 - cursor displays 5 dots?

Question asked by dreggon on Jul 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2016 by littlecat

Much as the title says, bought a XFX 480, installed it, 15 minutes later my cursor turned into 5 dots. The common fix that old cards used - ie, shake the hell out of it - has had no effect. Rebooting it does, but I can't legitimately reboot my pc every 15 minutes. Pretty poor gaming like that.


Happens across multiple games, and it basically making it impossible to play games. MMO's with a cursor you can barely see are hard, especially in endgame concept. Hell, basically anything except a shooter is pretty darn hard, seeming I simply can't find my mouse.


I've removed my old drivers, installed the newest 480 drivers twice.. any other ideas, guys?