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Green bar flicker with DOOM/VULKAN (AMD 480)

Question asked by terminal on Jul 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by amdmatt

Computer Type: Desktop

GPU: amd 480

CPU: i5 6600

Motherboard: msi mortar

RAM: 8 gigs

PSU: ocz 500w

Operating System & Version: win 10 64

GPU Drivers: 16.7.3

Description of Problem:

Anyone else getting some weird green bar flashes when the die in the game? Seems to happen exactly when I die...when the camera angle changes.

I get two big green bars on the top and bottom of my screen when this happens. Sometimes it happens when I hold the tab key to see the scoreboard too.

This didn't happen with my nvidia card, but I do remember the scoreboard would flash really fast when I held the tab key, but I seen no green bars.

i ALSO get green bars SOMETIMES if i move the mouse really fast.

i also un-installed the drivers a few times with DDU, someone else is reporting the exact same issue on REDDIT.

This issue only happens with vulkan, not opengl.