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Black screen when opening games

Question asked by bwendal on Jul 24, 2016
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I'm not sure if this is where I should be asking this but its a start.


So, I have a hp Pavilion dv6-3131tx with switchable graphics (Intel HD Graphics card and AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series card) and after upgrading to Windows 10 all my games were running slow. I figured it was due to HDD space so I did a disk cleanup (including system files as I decided I wasn't going back to Windows 7). After doing this I decided to fiddle around with my graphics options (on both cards) to maximise performance.


However, now most of my games now open with sound in the background but its a completely black screen. It sounds like everything is working fine in the background (even the mouse pointer is working and is in the shape of the games mouse pointer) but its just a complete black screen. This seems to only happen with demanding games like a racing game or a sim like Truck Sim or train sim. Other games such as spintires and hotline miami work fine. I could find literally nothing similar to this problem anywhere online somI really hope there is a fix for this!


I should also mention I tried to disable my Intel HD graphics card in device manager when I was trying to work out how I can make my ATI card my default card because I am pretty sure all my games were running on the Intel card as they all seemed very slow compared to when I played them on Windows 7. After I disabled it my screen was almost completely black, but I could just, only just, make out what I was doing and was successful in re-enabling the card. This almost completely black screen also happened when I did it the other way around.


Thanks for any help, anything is really appreciated!