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    295x2 random system crashes (shut downs) since RX480 Crimson updates?


      Gday all


      295x2 has been fine. Since the Crimson updates for RX480 my system will randomly turn of during a game.


      Have a 1000 watt recommended  Corsair PSU. Under a year old.

      Asrock x99m Killer mobo

      5820k Cpu

      16gb ram


      I have custom watercooling and have not had temps above 60 deg on crash, so not a heat issue.

      Pretty sure it is some power issue. There are no artifacts or symptoms leading up to a crash, it just turns straight of and restarts.

      I have increased power 50% in Crimson on game profiles for  if it wasn't getting enough power. Still drops out.


      In the prosses of rolling back to a Feb 2016 driver to see if that fixes my issues.