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high performance mode

Question asked by jomppeeee on Jul 23, 2016
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Hello. I have a weird issue:


I'm trying to play games like Dota2, League of Legends or Minecraft (and other lighter games) and my GPU does not want to run at full potential at all.

My highest clocks are 1080 / 1400 but for example, in League of Legends it only goes up to 450 / 1400 which makes the fps go about 50 to 60 and heat around 45-50C (later in the game sweeping around 40-55fps).


My GPU is MSI R9 270X (GAMING 2G model, 2GB VRAM) and processor is AMD FX-8120, 16GB RAM and 500W PSU.


Could someone throw me some suggestions what should I do to make it run better? Higher demanding games (Heroes & Generals which I have here, runs at 60fps easily, heat 65C-70C)

I replaced thermal pastes, cleaned whole case (tower PC), reinstalled every driver, enabled high performance mode, looked around BIOS for anything that's limiting this thing, didn't find anything.

Afterburner is running but I can't find any option to make it run faster, not confident enough to touch voltages or power limits.


Image below shows how the GPU usage looks while playing, it's getting mad since balling between idle/"almost idle" core clocks (300 and 450MHz)