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    Where are Crimson settings stored?


      I am a Windows Insider so I install a new Insider Build multiple times a month (Sometimes multiple times a week). Every time this happens, I lose all my Crimson preferences! This was even more annoying before I installed the Asus GPUTweak since my default fan speed is 20% making the GPU run at a constant 67º until I remembered the settings reverted to defaults. That is a lot higher than my desktop's ambient temperature or I would like! Where are the settings stored so I can restore them efficiently? I have looked around the registry, %programfiles%, %programfiles(x86)%, %programdata%, and %localappdata% but I can't seem to find anything.

      Maybe an option to import/export an xml settings file is in order?

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          I'm having the same issue, only I'm not using any Insider Builds. I have an RX-470 which ran fine (not including the fans) with the oem driver disk.  All of this seems to start when I moved on to "updated" drivers...  I leave my system alone when it's stable, and have the same setup I've had for a year and a half.  My problems range from the fan not working and just lets the card cook up to 90°, which hasn't happened in a while, and losing my Wattman GPU clock, Mem Clk, Power and fan settings... this happens daily.  It has now evolved into an even stranger version where it keeps the first 6 GPU clock states, but drops the last one to 665 MHz, instead of the 1350 I've been using for a month with no problem.  When this happens the first 6 states seem to be changing to a small extent, but I know they're different because I had even numbers (1200, 1250, 1300 etc..) and it replaces them with odd ones (485, 780, 1055 etc.).  Getting real tired of this.  I always clean old drivers with AMD's clean tool, then install new drivers / Crimson.  I know the PC has to be rebooted for settings to take effect.  I'm running out of ideas and patience.  I was thinking along the lines of making a settings file read only or something.  That's why I ended up on this thread..


          Before... (My settings.. that worked well for months):

          Preferred settings that worked before with drivers from oem disk- had core clock at 1350 for a month no problems.png

          After they change "themselves":  Notice GPU clock State 7...

          After Crimson changes my settings to this nonsense.png

          These settings are just a bit lower (GPU was 1350, and states 6,5,4 etc were -50 down to 1, which was 800).  Worked just fine for a month or two.

          Preferred settings that worked before with drivers from oem disk- had core clock at 1350 for a month no problems.png

          I do not use GPU Tweak and gave up on Afterburner because Crimson don't get along with neither.  AMD needs to address this soon.  Maybe they could ask NVidia for help writing their software?  lol    Seriously, they should just get on the ball with this.  I wanted to use ONLY Afterburner, but this causes a litany of other issues.  We need stable software / drivers that get the job done, but aren't overambitious enough to interfere with Afterburner or even their own GPU Tweak.  One thing is for sure, settings are being lost and I'm getting tired of babysitting my vid. card because I'm afraid it'll at best lose my settings and at worst shut off the fans and burn my house down.