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Can't install any version of CCC!

Question asked by asahi on Jul 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2016 by kingfish

Hey there,


I recently updated to Windows 10 and checked for updates from CCC 15.7. It prompted me to upgrade to 16.1 and so I did but it didn't install anything, just the streaming app and the useless gaming evolved app: CCC was completely bare and had no options for my switchable graphics settings or AMD overdrive. I tried a clean uninstall and installing 15.7 again but it still doesn't install any graphic card drivers and I don't see the same CCC I had before this whole ordeal. Please, do you guys have any suggestions? Currently I have no drivers installed, I'm downloading the Leshcat drivers but it seems they don't support APUs too well.


(What an idiotic move AMD: This level of support really makes me want to switch to Nvidia for my next purchase!)


System info:


AMD A8 3500M APU / AMD Radeon radeon HD6755G2 / Currently using Microsoft Basic Display Adapter