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AMD-8350 Low FPS

Question asked by cretauk on Jul 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by hardcoregames™

I know other people have had this issue and sometimes having even slightly different builds can change what will work so I wanted to describe my issue and hardware.

Whenever I am playing a game obviously as the title states I lose fps. Old or new games it doesn't matter one bit. I have an AMD-8350 4.0Ghz, 600w psu, 16gb RAM (had 24 and removed 2 chips to check it), right now I have my EVGA GTX 750Ti in my tower and a EVGA GTX 960 because I thought that might be the issue I switched them out, and an MSI 970 Gaming motherboard. People have told me its a power issue, I have been told its my Motherboard, been told its my cards or it could be heating and I felt I should defer to others expertise before spending moneys everywhere chasing down what it might be.


I have tried turning everything down on games and even tried over-clocking which only had minor boosts so I'm at a loss right now in fixing this issue. I shouldn't have an issue at all. My old build I could run plenty of games including Fallout4 on ultra. Thank you to anyone that may be able to help in advance


I can add information if anyone is able to help but need more information.