R9 290x 16.7.2 Windows crash/Black screen

Discussion created by timmeh on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2016 by pastefka

After installing crimson drivers 16.7.2 after uninstalling previous 16.6.1 drivers and running DDU in safe mode the PC will reboot fine and work as intended but after the next reboot the PC will begin loading into windows and when entering the login screen will just turn black on both monitors. After restarting the same thing will happen over and over again unless i boot into safe mode and remove the AMD drivers using DDU and re-install and older version then it will work perfectly.


PC has been working perfectly fine with every other driver update till this one. After trying twice to get this driver to work the number of restarts before this happens seems to vary, on first install it was the subsequent one after the mandatory reboot following the install of the driver. On my second attempt it was after 2 reboots following the mandatory one.


My specs:

Core i7 4770k

Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB DDR3 (2x8GB)

MSI z87 MPower Max Motherboard

Corsair AX860i PSU

MSI R9 290x 4GB Reference cooler

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit