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HD7870 crashing when installing drivers

Question asked by domdom32 on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by goodplay

My system:


Windows 10 64

Driver: 16.7.2

Sapphire HD7870

AOC i2352Vh

MSI B85M-E33


Seasonic 620w 80+



Hello, ever since I installed the 16.7.2 drivers my graphics card is not working. Whenever I install the drivers, the installation is either interrupted by a crash, or I manage to install and then I get crashes during windows boot. I can only start Windows in safe mode or without the drivers installed. I have tried clean installing the drivers with DDU, repairing the system, repairing windows and even formatting my SSD, but the problem persists. I cannot even install the older drivers now, because the installation always crashes as soon as display drivers start installing. Help please.